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Engineering Letters / Municipality Inspections

Engineering Solutions provides engineering letters of After-the-Fact inspections for various municipalities in metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Occasionally, the owners or contractors do not obtain construction permit or miss some of their inspections. In these cases, the municipality requires a professional engineers letter indicating the adequacy of the work performed based on applicable codes.

ESI's combination code certified engineers provide full spectrum of after-the-fact inspections including structural (Footing and Framing), Mechanical (HVAC rough), Electrical (Rough wiring, Main lines), and plumbing (Piping buried under the slab or covered behind drywall in framing) required by various municipalities.

In addition to engineering letters, ESI is registered with various municipalities such as Fulton County and City of Sandy Springs to perform inspections for all aspects of residential construction and for foundations of commercial projects for builders, contractors, and owners.