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Precast Post-Tensioned Analysis and Design

Product Overview:

TGPOST is a versatile prestressed post-tensioned analysis and design program, which may be utilized to solve for rectangular or T-shaped beams, one-way flat slabs and flat plate elements.

Product Features:

  • Windows 2000, and XP compatible
  • SI Metric and FPS units
  • Seven different load conditions available. Up to 10 load cases per member
  • Provides complete member design including required number of tendons and area of mild reinforcing and shear requirements
  • Various types of supports, Fixed, Pinned and Rollers, may be specified
  • Investigates both the initial and final stress conditions
  • Performs Bi-linear moment-deflection calculations to provide allowable tension stress values above 6/fc
  • Incorporates ACI's equivalent-frame method for two-way flat plate structures

This software's list price is $695. To receive a demo version of TGPOST, please contact us.

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